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- im mackenzie alexandra jade sahar , piano, guitar, & cats <3 skateboarding, floral &&& indie music <3 im kinda a biblethumper but i judge no one so talk to me about anything ; no one should be alone.... lets be friends , xoxo.

15. September 2014

i dont care it you dont like my grammar. i dont care if you read this. I honestly hope you dont but i need to say it to someone.

Two weeks ago my dad told me about how after ten years he replased. He just finished buying a house with his girlfriend & hes a drug and addiction counselor. See you probably think whatever ya my dad has a job and a house too but my dad was a drop out , he ran from gangs , he did drugs til i was nine.

I never knew my dad.. And that sounds stupid but i have no memories until my mom left me with him.. It was a really, really hard time , he was so weak & i become weak fast because i was trying to be strong for him.

now my dads weak again…. he couldnt tell me he’d see my at christmas OR see my graduate.

i just dont want my dad to go away & maybe if i was there depending on him & he depending on me we could both make it out alive…

cause if he leaves i couldnt ever forgive myself none of us could ……….. Our family name would be nonexistent.

- when you get to create art on your frands face #art #monster #paint


Being told I have the best taste in music is like the best compliment you could give me

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